Located at Johnson County Executive Airport (KOJC)

Welcome to the home of The Flying Club of Kansas City.  If you are tired of outrageous FBO rental rates and are looking for a way to make flying more affordable, we might be the place to you.  As a member of a flying club you will be an owner, not a renter.  This carries with it two distinct advantages: First, it takes the profit out of flying.  Because of the shared-ownership nature of  the Club, you are not paying someone’s profits in the airplane rental rates.  As a result, our rates are much lower than the local flight schools/FBOs.  For example, our Cessna 172 rents for approximately $80/hr, compared to $160+/hr at the local flight school.  Second, you get a say in how the airplanes are cared for, upgraded, and operated.  Additionally, our member-to-airplane ratio ensures excellent airplane availability.

Our three well-equipped airplanes offer something for everyone.  Our  Cessna 172 is available for training, travel, or just a $100 hamburger; our Grumman AG5B Tiger offers new and experienced pilots a fast and economical cross country platform; and our Beechcraft C33A Debonair offers our members a fast (165kts), Garmin GTN650-equipped cross-country machine.

With a number of approved Certificated Flight Instructors, the Club is an excellent option for student pilots seeking a private pilot’s certificate.  We do accept a limited number of student pilots into our membership.  The Club’s approved CFIs are qualified to provide instruction towards any certificate or rating.  Whether you want to learn to fly, earn an instrument rating, or obtain your commercial certificate or become a flight instructor, our CFIs can get you there.

-About the Club-

Formed in 1967 at Olathe Naval Air Station (now New Century Airport), the Flying Club of Kansas City (formally the Kansas City Navy Aero Club) has been in operation for over 30 years.  With a focus on safety, the club has maintained an enviable safety record over its many years of operation.

The Club’s airplanes fly an average of 400 hours annually.  Our airplanes are well-maintained with an emphasis on ensuring a high dispatch rate while still ensuring the highest level of safety.

Our Club members range from students just starting out to retired airline and military pilots with many thousands of hours.  While the Club’s name, location and airplanes have changed over the past thirty years,  it is still dedicated to providing low-cost, safe flying in quality airplanes in the Kansas City Area.  Check out the links above to learn more, or feel free to email us with questions or to join up.